Our Organization

Working for universal health care in rural Ghana

Our Vision

Expanding our organization into all Regions
of Ghana and, in the future all over West Africa

GNMC Organizational Structure


Local Organization

The affiliated hospitals identify 10 - 12 rural health posts in their catchment area within a period of one to two years.

GNMC regularly trains the local teams as well as providing medication, equipment and a pick-up car.

The GNMC team consists of mental health and pediatric practitioner, a pharmacist and a driver from the affiliated hospital. They reach out to one health post from morning to evening until the last patient has been treated, visiting 3-4 times each week.

GNMC´s doctors join the local teams regularly in the field. They support the local teams and supervise medical exams and surgical assessments.

Cooperation with affiliated hospitals

A GNMC coordinator cooperates very closely with the administrative and medical team of the partnering hospitals.

The GNMC pediatric surgeon & the hospital surgeons perform joint surgeries to ensure that the hospital surgeons are regularly trained.

GNMC and the partnering hospitals jointly organize and fund the day-to-day mobile clinic activities.

The full local ownership of the hospitals is key to the success of GNMC´s work.




Most patient are treated directly at their community health post, some need hospitalization and surgery.

GNMC has established a network and cooperation with over one hundred local and international medical professionals.

The patients that can not be treated by GNMC or the affiliated hospitals are referred within our network to receive the help they need.

The GNMC Founders, Britta and Ori are members of Medical and Dental Council in Ghana, Israeli and German Association of Pediatric Surgeons, Israeli Association of Psychiatrists, BAPS, EUPSA and WPA.

Peer Learning, Capacity Building and Training

As part of the GNMC team all levels of health professionals - doctors, medical assistants, nurses, ward assistants are regularly trained.

We additionally involve other local hospitals and stakeholders into our health trainings for mutual benefit.

Our trained team members pass their knowledge, on a regular basis to the partnering local health professionals and community workers.

Recently we started GNMC outreach training in nurse and midwife colleges to enhance the local capacity.



GNMC Founders and Associations

GNMC was founded in 2007 by Ori and Britta Budde-Shwarzman, two Israeli Doctors.

The funding for all GNMC activities is based on regular and one time donations and the volunteer work of Britta, Ori and other GNMC supporters.

The GNMC Foundation in Israel is the steady basis for support and regularly monitors the ongoing work in Ghana.

The GNMC Association in Germany was funded in 2021 and supports the mobile clinic work through donations and volunteer work.